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GM Freight

GM Freight is based in Taylor, Michigan, established in 1978 and incorporated in 1984.


This diversified business unit operates within its 32,000 square feet facility. The primary activities include warehousing, dedicated distribution, truckload, and local pick up and delivery. We operate specialized tractor-trailers and straight trucks serving all areas of industry across the 48-state US region and into Canada. Our diverse customer base includes Global, National, and Local Accounts. The Michigan logistics division operates primarily in the Detroit, Lansing, Jackson, Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor areas. With sophisticated technology in every truck, GM Freight can provide the most innovative reporting and real-time tracking to our customers.

Looking for reliable and efficient transportation solutions? Look no further! Our team of dedicated drivers and top-of-the-line trucks are here to handle all logistics needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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